[Disclaimer: The groups below are only meant to provide informal support. The information from these groups are not a substitute for professional advice of a legal, medical, financial, psychological, educational or any other nature.

The participants in this group do not provide mental health support, social support, job matching or legal advisory services. We are not a substitute for seeking help from professional service providers and government agencies.

The autistics on this network are not saints with infinite patience and goodness. Many of us are suffering from emotional trauma and stressful personal situations ourselves. Neither are we miracle workers who can solve all problems. Please have realistic expectations when you ask for help in the groups.

By clicking on the links to join the groups below, you acknowledge this disclaimer and indemnify the administrators of this network for any possible damages or complications arising from your participation in this network.]


∆🎓 Knowledge Groups

Telegram: https://t.me/SingaporeAutisticProfessors

Knowledge groups focus on discussing and furthering knowledge and facts.

Autism Advocacy & Inclusion – Exploring Autism Awareness, Inclusion, Advocacy, Acceptance

Life & Biological Sciences – The study of how living beings work internally (excluding biology as applied to human health)

Practical IT & Life Hacks – IT issues, health and personal development issues for lay people

Social Sciences & Cultural Studies – How humans and human civilisation work

Environmental Science & Studies – Mother Nature and humanity’s interaction with her

Fictional Worlds – Understanding fictional worlds and the portrayal of academic subjects in popular media

Engineering (Traditional) – Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering

History & Archaeology – What humans did in the past; includes extinct species of humans

Language & Linguistics – Languages and the technical details of how they work

Maths & Statistics – Theoretical Discussions on Mathematics

Pure Physics & Chemistry – Theoretical Discussions on the Hard Sciences

Computer Science & Engineering – Programming, Servers, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity

Space Science – Outer space exploration, technology and knowledge

Transport & Logistics – Transportation and Logistics (including vehicles, warehousing)


∆💜Caregiver-focused Groups

Telegram: https://t.me/SingaporeAutismCaregivers

Caregiver-focused groups focus on supporting caregivers in their life journey including the resources they need to support their dependents.

Caregiver Autism Hub – default group to join for caregivers

看护者自闭中心 – Chinese version of Caregiver Hub. Only Chinese language discussions allowed.

Autism & SpEd Schooling – Schools, tuition, learning for education catering to autistics specifically [Has Pathlight Alumni]

Behaviour & Sensory – Discusses behaviour and sensory issues including how to support autistics experiencing these

Friendship & Romance – How to improve our abilities to make friends and cultivate social relationships

Health, Diet, Fitness – Human health and how we can improve it, including nutrition, diseases and exercise

Mainstream Schooling – Schools, tuition, learning for mainstream education

NS & Total Defense – Serving NS, as well as preparing for emergencies, war, disasters, accidents [Has Autistic NSMEN]

Psychological Wellness – About threats that may cause psychological harm to autistics (e.g. media violence, extremism, bullying) and their caregivers (e.g. depression, burnout)

Work & Independent Living – Autism career and independent living options (e.g. life skills, employability, lifelong learning)

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