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Caregiver-focused groups focus on supporting caregivers in their life journey including the resources they need to support their dependents. Researchers, students, social workers, autism professionals, disability advocates and anyone who is keen to support the autism community are welcome.

WACS is not meant for socialisation. To chat with autistic people, join SITG, AAKN or Worldwide Autistics (website takes a minute to load).


English (Avoid using languages other than English)

  • Caregiver Autism Hub – default group to join for caregivers; most busy group with the latest autism news
  • Male Autism Caregivers – for dads/fathers, brothers and other male caregivers of autistics to come together
  • Autism & SpEd Schooling – Schools, tuition, learning for education catering to autistics specifically [Has Pathlight Alumni]
  • Mainstream & Gifted Edu – Schools, tuition, learning for mainstream and gifted education
  • Behaviour & Sensory – Discusses behaviour and sensory issues including how to support autistics experiencing these
  • Friendship & Romance – How to improve our abilities to make friends and cultivate social relationships
  • NS & Total Defense – Serving NS, as well as preparing for emergencies, war, disasters, accidents
  • Work & Independent Living – Career and independent living options (e.g. life skills, employability, lifelong learning)
  • Hi-Tech Startups Autism – For those keen to start and join autism-friendly high-tech startups
  • Health, Diet, Fitness – Human health and how we can improve it, including nutrition and diseases
  • Mental Wellness/Health – About threats that may cause psychological harm to autistics (e.g. media violence, extremism, bullying) and their caregivers (e.g. depression, burnout)


Chinese (Only Chinese language discussions allowed)

  • 看护者自闭中心 – Chinese version of Caregiver Hub


Announcement-only Groups (click using phone browser)

WhatsApp | Telegram – Singapore Events related to autism (e.g. social outings, volunteer work, performances, talks, forums)

WhatsApp | Telegram – Events organised by or in partnership with Eric & iautistic.com only


Disclaimer: WACS chat groups are only meant to provide informal support. The information from these groups are not a substitute for professional advice of a legal, medical, financial, psychological, educational or any other nature.

The participants in this group do not provide mental health support, social support, job matching or legal advisory services. We are not a substitute for seeking help from professional service providers and government agencies.

The administrators are also unaware and unable to control the private behaviour of members in the chat groups. It is up to each member to report and block other members who show inappropriate behaviour.

By joining the chat groups, you acknowledge this disclaimer and indemnify the administrators of this network for any possible damages or liabilities arising from your participation in this network.