WACS is Singapore’s largest public WhatsApp network for the autism community. We also have some members of other nationalities (e.g. Malaysia, Australia, UK) in our groups. WACS aims to provide mental health support and promote wholesome family-friendly values as part of the Action For Autistics Masterplan.

Note: If you want to know if you may be autistic, consider taking online tests and then getting a professional diagnosis.


1) Read the rules and our online safety advisory

2) Check out the list of chat groups

3) Read up additional tips & information about joining the community

4) Join suitable chat groups in WACS (for caregivers)


5) Join chat groups from Standing In The Gap [third party network allied with but not part of WACS]
Meet friendly autistics from Singapore to chat about personal experiences.

6) Join Worldwide Autistics Chat Groups [third party network allied with but not part of WACS]
Meet friendly autistics all over the world to chat about personal experiences.


7) Join the Disabled People’s Association as a member [third party organisation not related to WACS]

For only $2/year, a highly inclusive organisation will support your efforts to advocate for your needs, including against discrimination. This support is essential because autistics lack official representation and the protection of anti-discrimination laws in Singapore.

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