∆💡Community Groups

Community groups focus on serious discussions rather than socialisation.

  • Autism Advocacy & Inclusion – default group to join for newcomers wanting serious discussions
  • Career & Learning – Autism employment and career options, including higher education and lifelong learning
  • Investing & Business – Making, using, protecting and investing money. Includes Insurance.
  • Sports & Outdoor Games – Sports in general as relating to physical exercise; focusing on events and rules


∆🚀Changemaker Groups

Changemaker groups support those who want to create change in the community, including researchers, service providers and community leaders.

  • Changemakers Networking – default group to join for those who want to create change together for the autism community
  • Autistic Welfare R&D – for those keen to discuss autism issues in-depth that support the welfare of adult autistics


∆💜Caregiver-focused Groups

Caregiver-focused groups focus on supporting caregivers in their life journey including the resources they need to support their dependents.

  • Caregiver Autism Hub – default group to join for caregivers
  • 看护者自闭中心 – Chinese version of Caregiver Hub. Only Chinese language discussions allowed.
  • Animal Appreciation – Positive sharings about humans’ relationship with animals
  • Autism & SpEd Schooling – Schools, tuition, learning for education catering to autistics specifically [Has Pathlight Alumni]
  • Biomedical & Human Health – Human health and how we can improve it, including nutrition and diseases
  • Kitchen Delicacies – Preparing food and drinks (not nutrition) from the point the consumer obtains the raw materials onwards
  • Mainstream Schooling – Schools, tuition, learning for mainstream education
  • NS & Total Defense – Serving NS, as well as preparing for emergencies, war, disasters, accidents [Has Autistic NSMEN]
  • Psychological Defence – About threats that may cause psychological harm to autistics (e.g. media violence, extremism, bullying) and their caregivers (e.g. depression, burnout)
  • Psychology & Sensory – How the mind works, including the minds of non-human beings
  • Romance & Marriage – How to improve our abilities to date, find romantic partners and get married
  • Spirituality & Purpose – Intangible spiritual experiences, the reality of the world, the meaning of life etc. [Not for religious debates.]
  • Beneficial Sharing 有益分享 – for autistics to chat about non-caregiver topics, with the support of caregivers


∆🎓 Knowledge Groups

Knowledge groups focus on discussing and furthering knowledge and facts.

  • Biology & Life Sciences – The study of how living beings work internally (excluding biology as applied to human health)
  • Computers & Mobiles – Focuses on non-technical people’s concerns regarding how they use their computers, mobiles, Internet services and software
  • Earth Sciences & Resources – How humans understand and work with Planet Earth; not about farming or ecology
  • Ecology & Biodiversity – The interaction between species and how to protect their ecosystems
  • Farming & Food Production – How to grow food up to right before passing it to the consumer
  • Hardware Engineering – Electronics, Mechanics, Civil Engineering
  • History & Archaeology – What humans did in the past; includes extinct species of humans
  • Language & Semantics – Languages and the technical details of how they work
  • Maths, Stats, Topology – Theoretical Discussions on Mathematics
  • Pure Physics & Chemistry – Theoretical Discussions on the Hard Sciences
  • Software Engineering – Programming, Servers, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity
  • Space Exploration – How humans are exploring outer space and the discoveries being made
  • Transport & Logistics – Transportation and Logistics (including vehicles, warehousing)


∆🎭 Uncensored Social Groups

Uncensored groups allow the discussion of sensitive topics discouraged on other parts of the network. Group administrators use a highly flexible approach for managing the group members rather than follow explicit rules. Please do not join these groups if you feel uncomfortable about these arrangements.

  • Autistic Sharings – default group to join for newcomers wanting to make friends and chat
  • Autistic Artists – Arts in general, such as Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Fashion, Architecture, Product Design
  • Autistic Bosses – Autism employment and career options, including higher education and lifelong learning
  • Autistic Creators – Fiction writing and works (e.g. character development, plots, publishing)
  • Autistic Inclusion – For autistic advocates and their supporters
  • Autistic Leisure – What people do to pass time (e.g. cinemas/TV/YouTube, vacations, amusement parks, parlour games, sporting activities)
  • Autistic Lighthouse – For those who need emotional support & those who want to provide support
  • Autistic Lovers – How to improve our abilities to date, find romantic partners and get married
  • Autistic Memes & Humour – About irrelevant things that we find funny, interesting and inspiring
  • Autistic Students – About experiences related to education (e.g. Kindergarten, School, JC, Polytechnic, University)
  • Autistic Sociologists – How NT society works and how autistics can create our own culture/community

To speak to the chat bot on these groups, start your sentence with “Eliza”. For example, “Eliza I am angry today“. Please stick to simple English sentences.


Announcement-only Groups (click using phone browser)

  • WhatsApp | Telegram – Events related to and/or attended by autistic adults (e.g. social outings, volunteer work, performances, talks, forums)
  • WhatsApp | Telegram – Events organised by or in partnership with Eric & iautistic.com only