We are a group of Neurodivergent people (including autistics) who have set up a network of chat groups to bring the autism community in Singapore together. We are acting in our personal capacities to champion Inclusive Equality and develop competent leaders with integrity to lead the autism community.

Our work is not affiliated with any organisation, business or government agency. This simple website aims to provide an easy reference for participants of our chat groups.


If you are new to autism, please do your homework first: read this online book and the iautistic website. The groups are meant to provide support, not to educate people about the basics of autism or determine if someone is autistic or not.

If you are a parent suspecting that your child is autistic, you can try the free ASDetect app first, obtain a formal diagnosis and then approach autism centers/clinics.

If you suspect that you may be autistic, please take the Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) test to see how likely you are to be on the spectrum and get a formal diagnosis.

[Tip: When answering the AQ test, you may get a more accurate result if you answer it as yourself when you were a teenager before you learned advanced coping and social skills to mask autism.]