WACS Restructuring for New Year 2021

To improve our efforts at inclusion and to empower administrators to take ownership of WACS, a major restructuring for WACS has been completed in time for New Year 2021.

  1. Groups will no longer be classified as social, interest and discussion.
  2. Teams of administrators will manage assigned groups according to their style.
  3. These teams will be responsible for managing the discussions within their groups and any issues that arise within them.
  4. Groups will be instead catagorised as follows:
    • ∆💡= Community Groups
    • ∆💜 = Caregiver-focused Groups
    • ∆🎓 = Knowledge Groups
    • ∆🎭 = Uncensored Groups

We apologise once again for any disruption and inconvenience, while wishing all participants a Happy New Year 2021!

To join any of the groups in our network, please register/re-register here: https://bit.ly/2X6Q9My


Group Assignments

∆🎭 Kevin helms Uncensored Social Groups, with Marcus assisting him.

  • Autistic Artists (originally: Artistic Expression)
  • Autistic Bosses (new, for jobs/careers)
  • Autistic Creators (originally: Novelist’s Corner)
  • Autistic Inclusion (originally: Accessibility & Ergonomics)
  • Autistic Leisure (originally: Showbiz & Leisure Talk)
  • Autistic Lighthouse (originally: Lighthouse Befrienders)
  • Autistic Lovers (new, for romance)
  • Autistic Memes & Humour (originally: Positive Superheroes)
  • Autistic Sharings (originally: Real Life Sharing)
  • Autistic Sociologists (originally: Community & Society)

Note 1: Uncensored groups allow the discussion of sensitive topics discouraged on other parts of the network. Group administrators use a highly flexible approach for managing the group members rather than follow explicit rules. Please do not join these groups if you feel uncomfortable about these arrangements.

Note 2: Groups that are renamed will follow the new topic and operate under new management. The previous groups cease to exist.

Note 3: All WACS members and administrators are subject to Singapore law no matter autistic or non-autistic. Any posts of a criminal or illegal nature are explicitly forbidden.


∆💡 Wesley helms the Community Groups with Pauline assisting him.

  • Autism Advocacy & Inclusion
  • Career & Learning
  • Changemakers Networking
  • Investing & Business
  • Sports & Outdoor Games


∆💜 Pauline helms the Caregiver-focused Groups, with Wesley assisting her.

  • Animal Appreciation
  • Autism & SpEd Schooling (originally: Autism & SpEd Schools)
  • Biomedical & Human Health
  • Caregivers Support Hub
  • Kitchen Delicacies
  • Mainstream Schooling (originally: Mainstream School)
  • NS & Total Defense
  • Psychological Defence
  • Psychology & Sensory
  • Romance & Marriage
  • Spirituality & Purpose (originally: Spirituality & Philosophy)
  • Wholesome Safe Sharings (originally: Futurology Think Tank)
  • 看护者中心 (originally: 真实生活分享)


∆🎓 Sin Wei helms the Knowledge Groups, with Nigel and Mark assisting him.

  • Biology & Life Sciences
  • Computers & Mobiles
  • Earth Sciences & Resources
  • Ecology & Biodiversity
  • Farming & Food Production
  • Hardware Engineering
  • History & Archaeology
  • Language & Semantics
  • Maths, Stats, Topology
  • Pure Physics & Chemistry
  • Software Engineering
  • Space Exploration
  • Transport & Logistics