WACS is Singapore’s largest public WhatsApp network for the autism community. We also have some members of other nationalities (e.g. Malaysia, Australia, UK) in our groups. This chat network is part of the Action For Autistics Masterplan.


1) Read the rules (Not applicable to the Uncensored Groups)

2) Check out the list of chat groups

3) Choose the groups to join [Non-autistics are welcome too]

Join announcement-only groups to know of events for adult autistics: WhatsApp | Telegram

Join Uncensored groups [password: Join123] to socialise. Great place to meet friendly autistics.

Join Knowledge groups [password: Join123] to discuss. Great place to meet intelligent autistics.

Join Neurodivergent Women (only) group [in partnership with Worldwide Autistics (Au-Ti) chat network]

Join other groups* focusing on caregivers, community and changemakers

4) Read up additional tips & information about joining the community


We have also created parallel Telegram groups to accommodate members who have decided to stop using WhatsApp

* Please register again if you need to amend your data or join any new groups. Login to the same account and Google will remember your previous registration. Just update your information and follow the steps to see the group invitation links.